Paradox Garage is a two track release from Discuji paying homage to the influential 'Paradox' nightclub in Baltimore.

1. Discuji - Paradox Garage

2. Discuji - PBWU

"Real vibes. Feeling this EP for sure. Will play it!" -Willie Graff (Pacha, Cielo, Ibiza)

"sounds like 'Masters At Work' are back! I luv it! -HARD TON (Gigolo Records)

"Still feeling summertime on this groove!" -Josh Wink (Ovum, Philadelphia)

"Nice release, full support in charts and sets." -Lupen Crokan (Science Label, Lantern Club, China)

"Paradox Garage is great! thank you" - Dejan (CityFox, Zurich)

"Love it!" -Taku Takahashi (Tokyo)

"Superb deep house that echoes the past whilst maintaining it's own soul and identity. Definitely fuel to heat up some dance floors." -DJ Tomas (SF Weekly, Google Music, California)