From the depths of Brazil, Fabio Ape's full length album 'Cifras Impressionantes' explores a fusion of ambient, deep electronica, and experimental house.

Throughout the album we see an array of machines combine for a symphony of feelings, with endless layers of native and analog percussion, varied jazz inspired instrumentation, and warm, bent synthesizers. The work is by far his most accomplished yet, taking the listener on a journey through influences ranging from Brian Eno to Nicolas Jaar. Using google translator to speak to us in English, the young artist reflects on the background behind his latest work:

"This album was a mixture of productions and arrangements since 2015, with what I have been collecting during these years, with friends, partnerships, personal recordings, with part of concerts and presentations recorded as I presented myself in this period as well. Part of it was made in Florianopolis in the period in morei the 2014 to 2017 place inspired me a lot because it is a place with many natural landscapes, beaches, trails, waterfalls, people from all over the world and being directly involved in the musical production taking time I could do Something more worked. I started a composition course in 2016 that helped me with some more solid ideas regarding arrangement and musical creation, by the free music school in florianopolis, in this period I had the free time to create as well. I looked for motivation in something that contains references that has meaning for my musical formation." - Fabio Ape, Brazil