1. Seeing Without Eyes - Freedom

2. Seeing Without Eyes - Eternal Romance

3. Seeing Without Eyes - Majesty

2. Seeing Without Eyes - Eternal Dub

On Freedom, Julian Brezon ushers in a wonderful groove with his improvized flute work, while lead vocalist Aqueenis delivers a beautiful performance. The lyrics on this one were written by Discuji, with guitars and additional synths by Deep Alex. The collaboration between these four local artists was born in Baltimore's Mt. Vernon neighborhood, where each of the musicians involved in the project met for the first time the year it was produced, resulting in an exciting energy between them. The second track Eternal Romance is a timeless piece of rare disco that reminds one of Aretha Franklin, while Majesty is a stage-ready slice of theatrical storytelling. Eternal Dub closes out the EP with a dubbed out, hypnotic groove.

The release has been charted by the likes of K.E.E.N.E, Mighty Mouse, and Jay Hill. Featuring artwork from Martinique based sacred arts painter Olivier Fonteau.

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