1. Seeing Without Eyes - Mankind

2. Seeing Without Eyes - Freedom (B-Less Mix)

On the title track Aqueenis offers up an inspiring monologue in the group's distinct form of soulful poetry. The restorative work-out is further augmented by the dialed in jazz riffs of saxophonist Julian Brezon and wurlitzer wizard Gareth Morgan.

The flip side features a new version of "Freedom" from the group's debut release, with a fresh afro rework donning a heavy broken beat. The (B-Less) mix takes the original to new heights of energy before settling back into the cut up vocal hook theme -- "heaven's word."

Featuring artwork from Martinique based sacred arts painter Olivier Fonteau, the cover is as contemplative and inspiring as the beautiful music itself.

Be sure to check out the Freedom EP from Seeing Without Eyes, featuring 4 tracks from the Baltimore group.